Triton Books is now accepting submissions for LGBTQ Young Adult titles between 25,000 and 80,000 words. Triton titles will be listed on the Riptide site, as well as on a dedicated Triton YA site. The Triton imprint launched in Fall, 2016.

All manuscripts should be complete, never before published (including self-pub), and edited and polished to the best of your ability. Please send the following submission package to submissions@tritonya.com.


All titles submitted should be written for teenagers (ages 13 to 19) and should contain 13- to 19-year-old LGBTQ main characters.

Questioning is fine; your characters need not identify by any particular label as long as it becomes clear over the course of the story that they are not cisgender and/or heterosexual. It is fine to have important characters who are heterosexual and cisgender, but the main protagonist(s) should be queer in some way.

Manuscripts must have an authentic voice and focus for the audience. Teenagers drink, have sex, cut school, steal their parents’ car (and crash it because they texted while driving), and get into all kinds of not-so-wise adventures.

They also volunteer in the community, help raise younger siblings, fall deeply and passionately in love, study hard to earn scholarships, win state championships, and so much more. Characters in your stories should be fully fleshed-out human beings steeped in teenage culture appropriate for the time period in which you’re writing.

All genres are welcome.

So is (nearly) all content. We will not consider any titles that promote or encourage hate of any kind. (That doesn’t mean your characters can’t be hateful; it simply means the narrative must cast a firmly negative light upon it.)


Q: Do my bisexual character(s) need to be in a relationship with at least two genders in the book?

A: No. There is no bisexual score card, and as in real life, your bisexual character may in fact have only been in same- or other-gendered relationships their entire life. This does not disqualify them from being bisexual.

Q: Can I write about a heteroromantic asexual or a heterosexual aromantic?

A: Absolutely. Characters all along the ace/aro spectrum fall under the queer umbrella at Triton.

Q: I have two main characters in my story. Can one of them be a cisgender heterosexual?

A: Yes, as long as the second character is queer and gets at least half the page time.

Q: Does my trans character need to be on hormones, have surgery, or dress/act a certain way?

A: No. People who identify as trans are trans. No drugs, surgery, clothes, or behaviors are necessary, although they are certainly welcome too.

Q: Does the story have to be a romance?

A: Nope. Sex and love certainly occupy a large portion of a teenager’s brain, but not all of it by any means. There are many kinds of stories to tell, and we’d like to see them all.

Q: Does the story have to be about my character’s queer identity?

A: No. While we’re certainly eager to read about queer characters on the path to self-discovery, there are also many stories to be told about queer teens who are comfortable and confident in their identities at the start of the story and just like to, say, solve mysteries or play football or fight zombies.

Q: If I’m writing about a trans, genderfluid, agender, or genderqueer character, which pronouns should I use?

A: Whichever ones are appropriate to your character’s culture, life experiences, and personal choices.

Q: Is there a due date for your submission calls?

No. Triton will be open to submissions for the foreseeable future. We may from time to time have to close the submission box for a couple months to catch up with the slush pile, but we're well staffed and don't anticipate a need for that for some time.

Q: I have a great queer story, but the protagonists are too old. Will you still consider my manuscript?

Triton won't, but our parent publisher, Riptide Publishing, would love to see it. Please visit Riptide's submissions page for instructions on how to submit.

I am an editor, proofer, artist, or publicist interested in freelancing for Triton. Are you hiring?

All Triton freelancers are hired through Riptide. You can view our open job openings and application instructions here. If you don't see your job listed, check back from time to time to see if our needs have changed.


Please Include:

A query letter containing the title, genre(s), and word count of your story, and where along the LGBTQIA spectrum your character(s) fall; a one- to two-paragraph “sales pitch” (like the blurbs you see on the back cover of a book); and a brief history of your publication, if any.

A two- to three-page synopsis of your story from start to finish. Do not leave out the ending!

Your completed manuscript, between 25K and 80K words.

Four key selling points about what sets your book apart from the competition, and at least two existing books and/or authors your story is like.

Please paste the query letter directly into your email, and attach the synopsis and manuscript as .rtf files. We have no specific formatting requirements, though if a document is hard to read, we probably just won’t. Please note that any submissions not following the rules above will be deleted unread.

Send your submission to submissions@tritonya.com.

You’ll receive an automated email confirming our receipt of your submission. Due to the large volume of submissions, we regret to say rejections cannot be personalized. If your story is rejected, please do not write the editor asking why; such emails will not be answered.

Want more info about our contract terms, distribution, marketing, etc.? Check out our FAQ.